Cassettes, are they Coming Back to Life?

If you, like myself, appreciate these technological relics, you’ll be happy to learn that business is good for the last manufacturer in the world

While cassettes (or any other analog audio system) are not going to overthrow the digital music empire, the last factory making them in the world, claims their sales are higher than ever.

Last Cassettes Manufacturer in the world: The National Audio Company

Founded in 1969, The National Audio Company is the last factory (according to themselves) suppling the nostalgia-filled retro movement nowadays with these cool accessories . With no competition, they basically own the cassettes market, and because of the bloom the movement has developed, their numbers are at their best (ever), which is something incredible to hear in 2015. Check out Bloomberg’s video:


Cassettes, who invented them

Developed by Phillips, the Compact Cassette was introduced to Europe in 1963, and then to the United States in 1964. Their mass production started in Hanover, Germany on the same year, and in 1965 they started the production of prerecorded cassettes, also known as Musicassettes. Back then, you had to get yourself a cassette player/recorder and then record a cassette (or buy a prerecorded one) to start enjoying your music at home, or even car later on.


Walkman, the portable Cassettes player

Walkman, the portable Cassette player

The Walkman – Photograph by +MMarta

In 1979 everything changed when Sony released one of their most important inventions: The Walkman. I guess we could call it the first iPod. The popularity of the Cassettes grew even bigger, and it wasn’t until the early 90’s with the release of the Compact Disc that the cassettes era ended. If we put it in numbers, starting in 1963, through the early 90’s, we’re talking about an empire that lasted almost 30 years.


And of course, some Cassettes photos!

I stumbled upon these photographs by Leopold, a great photographer on Flickr who has an album full of cassettes photos. I leave some of them here.

Cassettes by Leopold: Number 1

Photograph by Leopold


Cassettes by Leopold: Number 2

Photograph by Leopold


Cassettes by Leopold: Number 3

Photograph by Leopold


Cassettes by Leopold: Number 4

Photograph by Leopold


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