I was browsing Awwwards and stumbled upon this beautiful site; Jetlag.

The concept is: two photographers, two countries (USA and Iceland), two photos of different parts of the world, taken simultaneously (or at least very closely), put together side by side for you to enjoy their sharpness.

The minds behind the project are Thomas Ciszewski and Axel Corjon. Now, Thomas I know… well, I wish i did. I know his work I men. He’s a senior Interactive Designer at Apple, and I’ve been following his work for some time now. Imagine my reaction when I saw his last name at the credits in Jetlag.

Anyway, please check their site, it really is stunning.


Quick Side Note

I recently saw The Secret Life of Walter Mittywhich coincidentally reminded me of Jetlag. In fact, a good part of the movie is filmed in Iceland. Just check out the trailer.

Thank you for reading… and remember, let me know what you think.