KLA Schools (a preschool franchise in Miami) contacted me with a problem. They were using a php platform to manage their parent’s portal and create daily journals, which are brief logs of the activities in each classroom, with photos of the children and a story written by its teachers so parents can see their young ones doing stuff at class.

The problem was, the platform was highly unintuitive. Teachers were having a hard time figuring out how to post journals, and parents were not being engaged by the content. You had to login and surf through at least two pages to create or watch a journal.


We need a system that doesn’t take much of the teachers’ time and engages parents with a beautiful and easy to use interface.

– Patricia Mónaco




Early development

That’s how we (my secret associate and I) created Parentspace, a WordPress-based system that easily lets preschools manage daily journals and other basic tasks.



The Plan

Our first directive was, “keep it simple”. One of the main issues with the other system was, that once teachers logged in, the interface was nothing alike to the one of the parents. We thought, content should look the same for teachers as it does for parents, that way, we ensure communication is as clear and direct as possible.



Note that the only difference between both views is that teachers can create journals. The whole system is based on this graph.





The Execution

I mentioned a silent partner. His role is programming and other technical stuff, so enough of that. Let’s get to my part.




Based on the plan and the needs of the school, we stablished four main sections:

  1. Main: This section contains a feed of the classes related to the teacher/parent.
  2. School: This section contains the main feed of the school, which is public to all registered users.
  3. Downloads: A very simple screen with downloadable items.
  4. Settings: A settings page for parents or teachers to change their password, manage notifications and a list of the classes they have access to.




Now, lets dress them properly.






That’s a lot of iPhones… We’re also very proud of our login page. (That’s the KLA Schools logo)






The Assets





Thanks for watching.

If you are interested in a custom tailored version of Parentspace, please contact me at me@franciscomonaco.com or use the form bellow.

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