Christian MacMillan is a young and VERY talented digital designer based in Barcelona, Spain. He’s 25 and already has won an impressive set of awards on web design and development.

Draw a better 2016 is a project tailored with the intention of feeding hungry mouths, where you can contribute to UNICEF by just getting any of the items he has for sale on the website. The project launched on December the 1st, 2015, and the goal was to allow you to draw a famous person or character (yes, you can do Chewbacca) with a very clever scroll/SGV animation. A character a day, until the 31st.

After finishing your “draw” you can reveal a quote spoken by said character, and then share it on your social media or get a printed copy of it. You can also get a poster with all of the characters in it. If you’re a designer/developer you can even purchase a set of SVGs. More info here.

100% of the profits will go to UNICEF, an organization that cares about improving the health of children worldwide

– Christian MacMillan

Although the goal finished, items are still for sale (hopefully the’ll be for long time) and is never too late to help.

So, start drawing, choose your favorite… and help. I’ll get mine soon.


PD: You got my favorite for the day of my birthday: December the 14th, Mr. Spock. Thank you for that!

As always, thanks for reading.